• Certified Human Resource Professional Management

  • Global Coaching Training

  • Global Recruitment

Sally is creative and outgoing, able to motivate and inspire others, quick to connect, high energy with a passion people development.

She makes a clear connection between culture, strategy, and performance.

She has held a number of high level positions throughout her career allowing her to synergise the needs of an organization with her facilitation style including National Production Manager of English First.

Due to Sally’s professional qualifications and her business experience over the past 15 years she is able to create very specific outcomes aligned to an organisation’s needs. She works with key executives to gain clarity and direction and from there helps transform the organization by getting the people within centred on the strategic goals. Sally with the support of other team professionals determines what stage of leadership an organization is experiencing and systematically moves them to a heightened performance level where they are synergised and collaborate and performing by leveraging their natural groups.

As a coach Sally has worked closely with executives from various industries in supporting them connect with purpose, gain momentum in their strategies, align their core values to their desired outcomes and discover their blocks and barriers. 

She has extensive experience in the areas of leadership, Strategic Thinking, Conflict Facilitation, Effective Communication, Business Negotiation, Stress Management, Change Management, Motivation & Self-motivation, Time Management, Delegating, Assertiveness and communication, Presentation Skills, Cultural Diversity, & Leadership Engagement.