What is the role of sales training in an organization? Is it just “nice-to-have” or a “must” for an organization? Is it an indulgence of the management whenever the budget permits or it is a part of its conscious strategy to achieve organizational goals? How sales training is perceived really depends on the organization. There are organizations that think it is really a waste of time and that sales team learn best while doing their job. There are other organizations that invest a lot of time and money to train members of their sales team. Let’s examine how important it is for organizations to impart training to their sales force.
There may be managers who have to take the next step and go beyond being good or even excellent managers, to become inspirational leaders within the business.
Increases the efficiency and productivity of a sales person
Helps in accessing the abilities of a sales person
Improves the organization’s ROI
To summarize, one can say that sales training is an investment that will helps organizations remain sustainable and competitive in the long run. It also motivates the team and helps them to remain up-to-date with respect to the company’s products, market and competition.

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