There are many paper based assessment tools in the market but we wanted to move to something more interactive, colourful, and refreshing that people of all cultures can relate to and identify with. The tool lends itself perfectly to international markets as it can be translated and delivered in any language.

The JDT (Jigsaw Discovery Tool) gets all people within organisations working together to achieve common goals.

It is a tactile, fun, and interactive discovery tool which reveals our Thinking Style and working preference. It not only defines the Thinking Style for the individual but also enables them to recognise their Thinking Style. It is our Thinking Style which dictates the way in which we interact with others and so by having an understanding of the way others think and process information results in enhanced communication, teamwork, and greater productivity.

64 Characteristics

16 Characteristics to Create a Self-profile

Multiple Applications


Return On Investment

  • Increase productivity of individuals, work groups and project teams
  • Reduce project delivery times
  • Maximise individual and team contribution

Return On Innovation

  • Generate new ideas across workgroups
  • Create excitement amongst work groups and teams
  • Use teams to improve creative problem solving

Return On Implementation

  • Develop clear processes for communication improvement plans
  • Create a clear and common language across multiples silos
  • Easy implementation due to tool’s simplicity

Return On Interaction

  • Increase interaction levels across teams
  • Create common language through inclusive tactile tool
  • Create new and develop existing relationships in teams and across silos