In today’s world, we experience a lot of demand for our time, inputs and contributions to the organisation we work for and the society at large. Such demands are increasing as the world is getting more complex and ‘real-time’ due to all the technological progress and this can inevitably lead to more stress.

As a result, managing stress is a critical skill that we must master and pay more attention to as we advance more into the future. Stress management is about increasing productivity and operating at peak performance. With the right level of stress you can achieve as much as you are capable of, not to mention a higher chance of enjoying what you do.

This course walks through many aspects of stress management such as time management, people skills, motivation, diet, influence techniques, right mentality, assertiveness and so on. Each topic is explored in detail and exercises are provided to emphasis the skills during the course. Managing stress requires the correct mentality and attitude towards life. This course, through several sessions and subjects, repeatedly explores this important topic so that the delegates are more likely to adapt to the new point of view and approach life with the right skills to get maximum results.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how stressed you are, what it means for you and how it impacts your life

  • Monitor your stress level and detect when it is reducing your performance

  • Anticipate and resolve stressful situations systematically using time-based and people-based techniques

  • Use specific exercises & diets to become more productive

  • Respond to stressful situations using a variety of powerful techniques and become more productive

  • Say No and be loved for it!

  • Use autosuggestion and imagination to full extent to manage your stress level