Negotiation skills are something that we use or apply every day. Yet, only the skilled negotiators are the ones that walk away with the prize. As young children we learn how to negotiate with our parents about all the things that we want. However, as we grow we seem to lose this needed skill and become less successful in getting exactly what we want out of life. Somehow our perspective changes and we develop bad habits. Unfortunately, most of us are not trained systematically on negotiations even though this skill can be quite beneficial to us in every aspect of our lives. Mind PLUS can provide you and your team with the ultimate negotiation course. Why not take your team to another level

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the underlying principles of negotiation and learn what you can do to get the best outcome

  • Use a negotiation strategy that moves you closer to a win/win outcome

  • Prepare for negotiation by following a step-by-step approach and set your critical limits

  • Use a set of psychological tactics to explore the other side’s motives and learn how to respond to tactics used by them

  • Derive specific values based on your negotiation variables and use them to bargain systematically over your settlement range

  • Finalise the outcome of your negotiation to get exactly what you have asked for