An extremely fun and engaging ‘guest focused’ workshop separated into 3 different segments which focuses on the psychological and practical aspects of providing an outstanding service quality. The workshop uses concepts from the Disney Approach to Quality Service, real life examples, interactive roles play, videos, coupled with moments of reflection and contemplation to create an all round effective and successful workshop.It provides us with psychological and practical skills to be able to maintain freshness and enthusiasm in service levels, recognize and avoid the symptoms of service burnout, maintain awesome body language, overcome service challenges practically and psychologically, and ensure guests are treated as people with compassion, empathy and understanding. It provides support tools that we can employ in different situations to maximize every guest interaction

  • Enjoy increased productivity and service levels across an organization.

  • Increase guest satisfaction scores

  • Increase moral and wellbeing of team members

  • Be fully engaged and optimise their communications skills

  • Enjoy stability and growth and provide an Epic guest service experience