Management Training Jakarta

Management Training Programs are an investment in your business through your people. Mindplus Training solutions is based in Jakarta , Indonesia and we count companies and organizations such as Tokopedia, Kementerian BUMN and Gojek as our loyal clients. We also provide training outside of Jakarta and other cities such as Surabaya , Bandung and Denpasar. In fact Mindplus has provided training in every major Indonesian city.

Time Management

The ability to manage time in today’s high pressure environment is becoming increasingly important. Mind Plus Training offers time management training for those who would like to understand and implement management strategies effectively. Check out this article to know more about this program with us. Effective time management is a required skill for most [...]

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Stress Management Training in Bandung

Stress Management Training in Bandung. All of us would certainly benefit from having the ability to effectively manage stress, particularly those who work in big cities with high pace, heavy traffic and work pressures, such as Bandung. You may have attended stress management training previously but the results weren’t as expected or you are [...]

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Stress Management Program

Did you know? Research showed that 30% of employees in Indonesia are going through stress in the workplace? One of the ways to manage stress is by joining a training program on stress management to understand how to keep stress under control. Keep on reading to learn more about stress management training in Jakarta. [...]

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Change Management Training

Change is an evitable part of life. In fact, it is the norm in today’s dynamic environment. As a consequence, many organization leaders constantly face situations that urge them to be flexible and readily adapt to the ever-changing market. Often, doing the opposite only makes the company go down the rabbit hole.   How [...]

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