Since the industrial revolution, the world has gone through a major development frenzy leading to the production of the vast number of products and services that we enjoy today. As the number of products, ideas and concepts have increased, so has the need to inform and convince others of their features, advantages and benefits and applications to personal and professional lives. Sales skills therefore have become a vital part of any successful business and organization. The sophisticated sales industry active today has introduced new selling philosophies and pioneered modern techniques and sales methodologies.

This course contains many exercises, role-plays, and guidelines to help the delegates master the sales skills during the course and start applying their newly acquired knowledge to their professional lives straight away. Bite sized group exercises are also provided that focus on specific concepts. These are then followed by more comprehensive sales exercises that help the delegates put a series of smaller skills into practice and learn how to approach sale events.

  • Delegates will achieve higher closing rates

  • Companies will enjoy greater profits and a viable and sustainable business

  • Increased motivation levels and confidence

  • Unleash potential, hit targets, more success and financial rewards