Often we find ourselves in a position of power or a role in which we have to delegate responsibilities and supervise team members, but lack the experience and techniques to properly motivate, organize, and manage others to their and our full potential.

The role of a supervisor is often the most important on the team; a supervisor is not only responsible for their own success but also that of every member of the team, so it’s crucial to know effective techniques in managing and motivating everyone to their full ability.

Through our one day Supervisory Skills workshop we will teach you the fundamental roles and functions of a supervisor, techniques in time management and working with deadlines, and important problem solving skills. You’ll learn how to delegate tasks the right way, how to forge relationship with different people, and how to build rapport with your team. You’ll also learn more advanced techniques in situational leadership, motivation and mentoring, and the best ways to perform appraisals and interventions. We will also school you in solutions to common supervisory challenges and problems you are likely to face.

Whether you are new to a supervisory role or experienced at supervising staff but needing to improve your management skills, this course is aimed at helping you grow into the role.

By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Avoid common pitfalls for new supervisors and managers

  • Learn how to choose the right leadership style for any situation

  • Use a model for developing and coaching employees

  • Use a feedback model for giving negative feedback in a positive way

  • Delegate work effectively

  • Deal effectively with difficult behavior and unsatisfactory performance