Are you looking for an effective leadership workshop? Mind Plus Training is the right choice for you. We provide action-centered leadership training for managers, directors, as well as supervisors who would like to master effective leadership skills to accelerate their success, in major cities in Indonesia namely Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Jogja, and other cities. Read this article to learn about the benefits you can gain from our leadership program.

Our Training Method

We use interactive training methods that enable you to understand and master various important skills to lead your employees effectively. Not only will you learn the theories but you will also take part in group discussions, games, and case simulations that help you to immediately practice your new skills and knowledge. Take a look below at a testimonial and short clip of our Mind Plus training program: (video)

The Benefits of An Effective Leadership Workshop

The following are some of the many benefits of an effective leadership workshop from Mind Plus Training:

  • To gain an understanding of management and managerial effectiveness
  • To learn effective ways of giving appraisals and motivating teams
  • To develop an understanding and skills on training new team members based on their abilities
  • To learn and implement various leadership models
  • To learn how to vary leadership style according to the situation

Highly-dedicated Trainers

We provide trainers who are dedicated and passionate and have years of experience in giving training to professionals. Invest your time to master effective leadership skills. Join us now, with Mind Plus Training, and see the results for yourself.